Remembering my Nintendo Years

This past weekend I decided to take some of my Super Nintendo fabric and make several infinity scarves. The pattern makes me laugh because it features Super Mario and the Legend of Zelda, which I played a ton with friends. Legend of Zelda was released in the US in 1987, which would have made me 13 when it was first released. Now when I wear this scarf I am taken back to my teen years, now if it only made me look younger. Featured below are the two scarfs I made and some of my favorite finds in Etsy.

Zelda scarf
Zelda Scarf

Mario scarf
Super Mario Scarf
Nintendo Contoller Print

This fun controller print s available from NeueStudioArt Prints on Etsy.

Mini Yochi

This mini Yoshi is available through MissJennysCrochet on Etsy.


Successful Shopping Trip

Today I took some time out of my crazy summer schedule and did a little shopping to start building my inventory back up for the holiday shopping season. Today I was successful in finding several new vintage sheets to add to my store, plus I was very lucky to find several sheet sets. In the past I had to find the sheets at different store and put them into sets. Finding them together make my life much easier. These new sheets should be going into my Etsy store late next week. They are a little delayed in listing, because I am heading up to Fargo for my regular fulltime job for several days. I am hoping that I can squeeze in a little shipping while I am up there. To see what I find follow me on Instagram #rerundesign.


Vintage Shopping Tips by Refinery 29

Flea Market Shopping Tip by Mom Foodie

Busy Shopping Day!

Yesterday I needed a break from what had been a stressful week and went shopping. You can see from the photo below that it was successful shopping day. I managed to pick up many new sheet additions for my Etsy Store. Some of my finds include a Peanuts bed sheet set, Clifford the Big Red Dog bed sheet, Mickey Mouse sheet set and several vintage floral sheet options. These will be added to my store shortly.


Vintage Bed Sheets
Vintage Sheet Shopping



Time to Make Room for New Items

It's time for for me to make room for new items and have a sale!

vintage clock

Photo provided by Gratisography

Help me make room for new inventory!

Starting tonight I will be offering 30% off all purchases.

This offer is good until 1/19/16. Use promo code "CLEANING" when checking out on Etsy.

Free Shipping This Weekend!

Time is running out to find the perfect gift this holiday season. To help you save some money and find the perfect gift I am offering free shipping this weekend in my Etsy store. Use promo code "SHIPFREE" at checkout. This offer is good 12/12-14 and excludes international orders.

Vintage Clock
Photo by Gratisography


No Pockets, No Problem in Disney World

With an upcoming trip to Disney World planned, I was thinking about what I needed to pack.  I needed to make sure my jeans or shorts had pockets to keep my cell phone, because I do not like waiting for the line to have my bag inspected at the gate. If you have never been to Disney World before, that lines can get rather long but they do normally go fast. This lead me to create my newest item, pocket infinity scarves. Now I can wear my favorite Disney princess or character on my scarf and store my phone discreetly inside the scarf. Problem now solved, I no longer have to plan on only packing jeans and shorts with pockets. I now have a much more fun option to ear and I can skip the bag check line. If you would like to purchase one of these scarves, they are now available in my Etsy Store.

Below few of my pocket scarves.

Snow white Pocket Scarf
Snow White Pocket Scarf


Snow white Pocket Scarf
Snow White Pocket Scarf


Little mermaid Pocket Scarf
Little Mermaid Pocket Scarf


Little Mermaid Pocket Scarf
Little Mermaid Pocket Scarf

New Holiday Gifts

This year  I have introduced several new items to my Etsy store that would make great Holiday gifts.

Item #1 - I have created Disney Tsum Tsum holders. These were created out of a need in my own home. I was frustrated having to search for those tiny Tsum Tsum's in my preschooler's bed, which lead to the Tsum Tsum holder. This is pocket that slides between your mattress's and holds six Tsum Tsum's per holder. For more Tsum Tsum holders check out My Shop on Etsy.

Tsum toy story holder
Tsum Tsum Holder

Item #2 - Tablet or iPad Pillow and holder. These were created because I wanted to give something along these lines to some of my friends and family. However, I was not sure what size of tablet they had and this designs accounts almost all sizes.  For more tablet holders, check out My Shop on Etsy.

Starw wars ships tablet pillow
Star Wars Tablet Holder